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If I had to sum up my life today, I would say that it's above all meetings... but not only. A life of passion to learn, exchange, experiment, ... but above all 10 years spent last controllers and microphones within various free radio (RAM05, RockEnFolie, ASWebRadio, ...). 10 years of sharing, broadcasting and chronicling hundreds of groups, mostly underground and from all over the world, having allowed me to broaden my horizons, my influences, but also my relationship to music and the vision of what makes a album succeeds. 

If I were to tell you about my course now, I wouldn't have much to brag about. Passionate we are all, self-taught will put some off, my skills come mainly from personal experiences, training / internships / masterclass / ... in almost all areas attractive to sound, as many I am a musician in my spare time, … basically a fairly typical background, but which allows me today to bring you a broad and atypical expertise. 

"In the studio, no ego."

If I can allow myself to give advice that is essential for me, it is this one. The goal is to serve his music, give it the necessary maturity by giving it the best, and for that, you have to know how to detach yourself, open up, even if it means leaving certain things aside.

"Perfection is a concept, humility is a way."


As you will have understood, coming to Kraken's Ohm Studio is not just about coming to record or maintain your instrument, it's about coming to live an experience, exchange, share, to come out bigger and above all, to have fun.*Orgasm noise* - 10% discount + a beer for those who will show me this message.

Some achievements of the studio:

Punk rock:

Stay upInstrumental
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Light never fadeDuality
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