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Amplis studio, reamping, Orange dark terror, Marshall minin Plexi, Mesa Boogie, Jet City, Two notes
"Kraken's Ohm? A slamming sound!" -Astos

Sound and originality. If that's what you're looking for, then you've come to the right place.e.

Punk, Metal, Rock, ... rabid styles in which the studio draws its references to guide you as well as possible, push you hard and achieve the result you want.

Do not hesitate to contact the studio in order to be able to discuss your project and find the best solution.

A studio session

Production, recording, mixing, mastering. Each of these steps is just as important as any other.A successful session being a well-prepared session, find here a detail of the process for the realization of a successful album. 


          Take the time to discuss and agree on our visions, to exchange our ideas, ... but also to get to know each other in order to better prepare for this trip.



          Whether for arrangements, a type of sound, ... or even knowing which idea to keep to best serve the piece, this step is carried out throughout the project with the precious advice of our sound engineer, former radio columnist. .

The record

A successful recording is an essential step in attacking a mix by already having a clear vision of its purpose.

Give the best of yourself, go for the detail that will make your sound something unique, … here we create a solid structure using the best at our disposal in order to obtain a pre-produced piece ready to be embellished when mixing.

The Mix

Give each element its place, surprise, balance, complete the production... to finally get to the last step: Mastering.

At Kraken's Ohm Studio, we work in hybrids, very often "in the box". Once satisfied with a sound that fits and meets your expectations, there is only one step left to complete this expedition.


Unlike mixing, mastering is more subtle. Color, grain, cohesion, ... but also fidelity and adaptation, are terms that suit him perfectly.

He is there to bring the final touch to the sound but also to offer its full potential on all types of platform, whether physical or digital.

In short, an essential step in the finalization of this adventure.

Avant Mastering
Après Mastering


(Non-exhaustive list)

Sequencer: Logic Pro X

Sound cards: Focusrite Clarett+8PRE / Scarlett 18i20

Monitoring: Focal Shape 65

Preamps: Clarett+8PRE / DBX 286s / Triton

DI/Reamp: Radial J48 / X-Amp

Loadbox: Torpedo captor 8 / Jettenuator

Microphones: Shure, Rode, Lewitt, Studio Project, …

Amps: Dark Terror, SV20H, JCA20h, Rocket44, …

Pedals: Guv'nor, TS8/9, Fuzz face, Big Muff (Russian), OS-2 (mod), Wah, …

Various guitars and basses are also available.

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